Our Camps


At camps and reunions, we make and renew friendships, learn new skills, work and play together, laugh a lot, and share our hopes. We discover our gifts and talents, increase our acceptance of others, and rejoice in our growing relationship with God. The camps and retreats listed on this page are provided or sponsored by the Community of Christ.



Camp Mungai

Boys and Girls entering Grades 3-6*

Camp Mungai offers an introductory experience which allows children to learn more about their relationship with God, Jesus, and others. They are taught basic Christian values of love, respect, and kindness, as well as how to live in community with others. Elementary camps offer an opportunity for fun through nature, crafts, games, and team building.
Jr. High Camp

Boys and Girls entering Grades 7-9*

Junior High Camp offers a rich experience of growing in relationship with God and Jesus. At a time when kids start to question their understandings, our Junior High camps provide a safe, loving place to address their questions and thoughts. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught in such a way that the campers learn about a loving God who does not judge, but offers grace. At Junior High camp, they learn that a relationship with their Creator can be fun, as well as transformational.
Camp Kimtah

Boy and Girls entering Grades 10-12*

At Kimtah, we further the deepening of the connection with self, others, and God. Campers are taught to have an awareness and appreciation of the blessings they experience. Our Senior High camps provide a safe place to struggle with the complexities of life, while nurturing personal and communal growth. There is a focus on disciple formation by learning more fully about scripture, mission, and the nature of God.
*The grade of eligibility for our youth camps is based on the school grade they will be going into following the camp. For Camp Kimtah, current year graduates are also eligible to attend.


Adult Reunion
Adult Reunion is an opportunity for adults of any age to assemble and worship, pray, fellowship and study together in a peaceful atmosphere. Our schedule is relatively relaxed to provide opportunity for much visiting and sharing together.
GPNW Family Reunion
The GPNW Mission Center has many families that enjoy this week at camp. Activities include: crafts, games, worship, music, classes, salmon BBQ, volleyball, canoeing, horseshoes, baseball…and evening campfires are always a highlight to close our days together.
Inland West Family Reunion
The Inland West Mission Center has many families that enjoy this week at camp. Activities include: games, crafts, music, worship services, relaxing, classes, guest speakers/ministers, horseshoes, volleyball, canoeing, baseball, evening campfires.
BC Family Reunion
The British Columbia congregations have many families that enjoy this week at camp. Activities include: music, worship services, games, crafts, relaxing, classes, guest speakers/ministers, horseshoes, volleyball, canoeing, baseball, evening campfires.!
NW Singles Reunion
Open to singles of all ages. Enjoy a community of singles sharing meals, worship, peace, joy, and love. Activities include group interaction, sharing time, classes, campfires, crafts, special dinners, uplifting worships, fun time, personal time and other events.


Nurturing Spirit


Join us for a weekend of gentle yoga, meditation, nature walks, sacred listening, poetry, and music.

Nurturing Justice



Now! is the time, to do something… learn something… say something… feel something… and make just one change in our world.


Cascadia Insight Dialogue Retreats & Community
Cascadia Insight Dialogue Community supports Insight Dialogue practice in the Cascadia bio-region. Since 2010 this all volunteer organization has offered Insight Dialogue Retreats of seven to nine days in length at Samish Island Camp. More information about our retreats can be found at http://www.cascadiainsightdialogue.com/ You may direct questions regarding Cascadia Retreat to cascadiaretreat@gmail.com.

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice that brings together meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and relationship. It has the same purposes and traditional roots as silent meditation: developing mindfulness, compassion and liberating insight, while investigating present moment experience. You may learn more about Insight Dialogue practice and retreat and practice opportunities at https://metta.org/.