Become a Pledge Member

Why Pledge? We are asking you, our members and contributors, to consider making a pledge to Camp Samish so that we might be able to predict our fund raising, and better plan phasing for our construction projects. Projects are built as funds become available. If we know when money will be available, we can schedule our construction projects more efficiently. The longer we wait to build, the more expensive the projects become.


You may use a Stock Donation to the Development Program. The stock is donated at the current appreciated value with no capital gains tax due to the IRS on the increased value of the stock. The full current value of the stock is used to reduce your adjusted gross income on your tax return - thus reducing the income tax you pay for the year of the donation. (Stock donations are limited to 50% of adjusted gross income - any amount over 50% is carried over to the next tax year)

The advantage for you is that you can give more then if you make a cash donation plus the tax write off.

You can also plan to include the Samish Campground in your estate planning.
For more information contact Terry Smiley Phone: (360) 854-0988 or e-mail:

More ways to GIVE

It's now even easier to make a donation to Samish Island Campground Development Fund. We are accepting online donations through PayPal. Simply click on the "Donate-PayPal" button and make your donation.

Mission Tithes

If you are a member of the Community of Christ you can use the "Mission Tithes" envelope to make your weekly donation to the Development Program for the Samish Island Community of Christ Campground

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Donate Equipment

We are asking you, our members and contributors, to consider making a donation of equipment and tools to Camp Samish. Many of our volunteer workers are from Canada, and it is difficult for them to transport their own personal tools across the US/CAN border. By having tools at the campground, more volunteers can participate. We are also looking for donations of specific equipment. Dewalt quality or better power tools. Craftsman quality or better sockets. Contact the Camp Managers if you wish to donate tools or money for tools. Please see the list below for requested items:


  • 18 volt cordless 3/8" drills Need TWO
  • Drill bits for drilling wood and a set of bits for steel
  • 1/2" drill 110 volt Corded
  • 12” Power Miter Saw
  • 10” Contractor type collapsible Table Saw
  • Reciprocating saw (Sawzall type) with blades for wood, and steel
  • Router (one horse or better) with bit selection
  • Sabre Saw with assorted blades
  • Disc grinder electric 4" or 6" c/w cutoff discs as well as grinding discs
  • Belt sander W/ asst. sanding belts.
  • Finishing sander ( Orbital Viabrating ) with extra ass't sanding sheets
  • Portable power tool stand for power miter box
  • Drill Press
  • Small portable electric generator


  • Finish Nailer
  • Framing Nailer 8p -16p
  • Small canister compressor


  • Pressure Washer/Sprayer
  • 1" wide wire brushes (6)
  • 2" wide quality paint brushes (6)
  • 4" good quality paint brushes (6)
  • 5" good quality paint brushes (6)


  • 2 Sets Craftsman type (mechanics tool sets with sockets, wrenches, pliers etc metric and SAE) Or Individual sets of SAE socket 3/8" drive and 1/2" drive ratchet set
  • Metric sockets 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Combination wrenches
  • Screw divers c/w flat blade, phillips, robertson for screw heads
  • Pliers Medium size
  • 10" or 12" water pump pliers
  • 6" crescent wrench
  • 8" crescent wrench
  • 10" crescent wrench
  • Vise grip type pliers


  • Wrecking bars ( claw bars, wonderbars etc )
  • Cat’s Paw nail remover
  • Wood chislels
  • 4 foot level
  • 2 Foot level
  • 16" x 24" square
  • Speed Square
  • 3/4" tape measures
  • Hand Saws Cross cut and rip
  • Fine tooth or finishing saw
  • Files Various sizes Rasp, mill bastard, Round, 1/2" round, fine
  • Hack saw c/w hack saw blades 10 and 12 size
  • Block Plane


Everyone can give

Not everyone can give financially, and money can't swing a hammer by itself. We realize a place like Samish Island Campground needs the work of volunteers to keep it in good shape. That's why we schedule several volunteer work days through out the year. Most notably is the Work Week in early May of each year.


Contact information

Camp Manager
11633 Scott Road
Bow, Washington 98232
Tel.: 360 766 8125